10 pieces per person (5 choices) - $38 per person

12 pieces per person (6 choices) - $45 per person

14 pieces per person (7 choices) - $54 per person

Cheese board - $110 per board


SUMMER Selection


Le Jardin

Baby organic carrot, hummus, pistachio, purple dutch rondelle, marigold

Nettle cushion, St David spinach ricotta

Quail egg, sea lettuce and purple kale nest

Mini okonomiyaki, bonito flakes, spring onion and black truffle, aged soya sauce

ROMU Dining by Simon Shiff_130 copy.jpg

La Mer


Smoked eel apericube, seaweed rice cracker, parsley crumb 

Purple Cauliflower bellini, sturgeon caviar

Crispy chicken skin, homemade taramasalata and trout pearls

Oyster - freshly shucked, green coastal, white soy sauce

ROMU Dining by Simon Shiff_114.jpg



Cured pork loin tataki, red shiso vinegar, crackling, eggplant and miso

Chicken terrine, fennel aioli, iceberg salad

Wallaby tartare, fermented chili paste, bronze fennel, rosemary tuile


Le Feu

Cooked on Japanese BBQ (External access required, choices available with minimum 30 peoples

Scallop cooked in its shell, wakame, smoked vinegar, fermented shiso seed

Cape Grim beef tongue, pink peppercorn, warrigal greens

Grilled eggplant, miso paste, sliced green cabbage, black sesame seed



Cheese from Harper and Blohm, ask us for the weekly selection from Olivia Sutton

Served with crackers, wild fig in red port reduction, Australian muscatels and roasted hazelnuts


$40 per hour - Waitress (3h minimum)

$60 per hour - Chef (4h minimum)

15 people or more - Additional waitress required (2 x waitresses)

20 people or more - additional chef required (2 x chefs)


Terms & Conditions

Plates, cutlery included in above prices

Travel expenses apply outside of metro Melbourne.

50% deposit required to secure booking