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About Romu

French born, Romuald Oudeyer has a wealth of experience in the kitchen, having worked in highly renowned restaurants across Europe and Australia. After completing 6 years of study at the Loire Valley Hospitality School, Ecole hotelier du Val de Loire, Romuald launched his career at Michelin Star restaurant, Château La Roche Le Roy in the Touraine region in the West of France.

At 21 years of age, Romuald moved to Paris, where he commenced work at Michelin Star restaurant La Truffière alongside esteemed Chef, Jean-Christophe Rizet.


Then Romu met Liz and fell in love. He followed his heart to Australia and worked at Bistro Gitan and Mo Vida Aqi then saw the chance to start his own business with a simple but important goal. To create simple food that celebrates local organic produce, and help people create lasting memories with their loved ones as they share a meal together.

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Romu’s is deeply engaged with an ongoing exploration of good, simple food. He’s immersing himself in indigenous smoking techniques, cooking using paperbark and local herbs, pickling and fermenting, curing meats and baking sourdough bread.
All these specialist skills play an integral role in his pursuit of simplicity on the plate, and telling the story of his suppliers’ local produce.