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a premium dining experience featuring the highest quality organic produce and a simplistic, yet sophisticated approach


simplicity & Curiosity

We believe good food is simple but tells a beautiful story of everyone involved. And we love telling that story. Romu’s ongoing explorations are driven by two lifelong passions: curiosity and simplicity.

Curiosity has been flowing through Romu’s life since he began working in his uncle’s charcuterie, where he met local suppliers and got a taste for how the local chefs handled the traditional local produce of western France. simplicity & curiosity.


local & Organic

This same curiosity led him to the Antipodes, where his mind swirled with new cultures, foods and love. Familiar European heirloom vegetables and traditional cuts of meat were plentiful, but his heart wanted more. And he found it in the abundance of indigenous meats, vegetables, herbs and spices.

As Romu explored new foods and cooking techniques, he discovered something curious. He was not alone in his pursuit of simplicity. He felt reverberations of it throughout different cultures and cuisines.

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To be Enjoyed

Romu found a commonality in these different recipes for good food – use the best local, organic produce and the right cooking techniques to honour their flavours, and enjoy with friends. Curiously simple really.