Premium Melbourne Catering
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3 courses: entrée, main, dessert - $144 per person

4 courses: entrée, vegetable, main, dessert - $159 per person

5 courses: entrée, vegetable, main, cheese, dessert - $172 per person

6 course degustation - entrée, vegetable, fish, meat, cheese, dessert - $182 per person

The above prices are exclusive of GST


8 pieces (4 choices) - $40 per person

10 pieces (5 choices) - $45 per person

12 pieces (6 choices) - $50 per person

14 pieces (7 choices) - $57 per person

Cheese board - $110 per board

Prices are exclusive of GST


What does Romu provide?

Plates, cutlery, printed menus, candles, grey vases with flowers, cooking equipment (pots, pans & utensils) cleaning products, tea towels

What do you (customer) need to provide?

Table cloth, cloth napkins, Glassware. (Can be quoted upon request)


$45 per hour - Waitress (3h minimum)

$65 per hour - Chef (4h minimum)

What time do staff arrive before my dinner?

Depends on the size of the function. I.e 6-10 people 3 courses they would arrive one hour before (chef commenced prep & waitress sets the table). However This will be quoted once number of guests & courses is confirmed.

What else do I need to do?

Leave the fridge as clear as possible, 1-2 shelves as a minimum.

How long does the dinner take?

On average 4-5 hours (1hr set up, 2-3hrs dinner, 1hr packdown) including set up & pack down however if it is a larger function (15+ people) this can be longer. We can serve as quickly or slowly as you like to suit your desired timing.